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Setup : downloading video files via uTorrent to a 'share' folder on my PC which is connected, via Dlink router, to an XBMC Xbox in another room. I have uTorrent pre-allocating the space on my PC, moving the file from one folder to another once it's finished downloading.

Problem : video file finishes downloading and appears correctly on my XBMC (file name and size are as expected). However when attempting to view the video on the Xbox nothing happens. XBMC pauses for a split second then does nothing. It does not crash, as I can continue to browse other files.

Work-around solution : walk to my PC, stop the torrent from seeding, move the offending file to another folder, move it BACK to the share folder, return to the XBMC and now the video file plays just fine. No pause, no glitches, no problem.

Rebooting the PC does not fix the problem, nor does 'touch.exe'ing it. Moving the file(s) back/forth appears to be the only solution, and it doesn't even need to be to another physical drive. Bouncing it to a sub-folder does the trick.

Sort of defeats the purpose of having a shared network if I have to walk back/forth to my PC every time I want to watch a video......help?!?



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For those of you with a similar problem, Gamester17 answered my question over on the XBMC forum ...

Any new files (that in your case your uTorrent application downloads) will be given

the NTFS permission rights of the partent folder they are created in, (in your case

the uTorrent 'temporary' and/or 'complete' folder, and not the folder you have

instructucted uTorrent to move the done files to), so you must give the Xbox/XBMC

SMB account in Windows read rights (NTFS permission) to both the uTorrent

'temporary' and 'complete' folders, as well as the folder you have instructed uTorrent

to move the done files to, which is your SMB share.


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