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stuck at 99% even though 100% is available


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Some files seem to get stuck at 99% even though 100% is available. It looks like its going to finish and then backs off a bit and the time increases, then starts counting down again. Everything else works fine. And Ive seen this talked about somewhere, but I couldnt find the answer.


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Sounds like the:

D-Link DMZ Download Destroyer

...at work.

You may not have a D-Link router, but the person you're downloading from might. And if they're using DMZ mode to get unfirewalled, it would corrupt certain packet combinations...thus that piece might ALWAYS arrive corrupted forcing a resend.

Another thing is intentionally corrupted and fake torrents. They never let you get to 100% or you'd realize it's junk, so they cycle you at 99%...you end up perpetually trying to download the last few pieces (or can't find them at all) and waste bandwidth/time.

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