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Default location for new torrents over WebUI


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I noticed that one important option is missing from WebUI. When I add new torrent over WebUI, I can't set location where files are saved. Later when I check where are files saved I get that they are saved all over the place. I added some 10 torrents over WebUI, 3 of them were located in Documents And Settings/MyUserName, 2 of them were in the folder where utorrent.exe was located, and 5 of them where on in the folder last used from utorrent.

So, you may consider adding location setting for new torrents or setting for default location.


Milan Petrovic

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Yep those are the three locations where utorrent will save em :) Havent been able to figure out why utorrent picks one of the three.

As you may have noticed in the readme.

* Choosing save location for torrents is currently not possible.

Ergo, we know about the problem and it will be sorted out if possible.

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