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why does uT hate seeds?


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i'm on this torrent tat has ~75 seeds & abt ~30 peers.

all uT does is connect to around 18 of those peers & tat's it!!, it doesnt connect to a single seed & i get speeds of like ~6-8 kB/s, this is weird & incredbly frustrating, even if the seed tried to connect to me (incoming), uT closes the connection soon & the seed dissappears from the peers list

I dunno if its happened to anyone else, i dont even know if this sort of behaviour by uT can be called "normal".

can someone pls help me out here? i find it verry strange that uT doesnt connect even ONE of those 75 seeds

oh yeah my max.connections per torrent is 50


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I've never had issues with regards to connecting to seeds. Connecting to seeds is not everything, and they can easily choke if too many people are connecting to them. Not to mention the fact that µTorrent can't even distinguish between seeds and peers until it actually connects to them anyway. So no, µTorrent does not hate seeds. You're just getting very unlucky.

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Theory 1:

It's simple...the seeds have all the connections they want already.

So it's not that µTorrent isn't trying to connect to those seeds, but rather that they refuse the connection.

The older, larger, and more populated a torrent is the more likely it is for the few seeds on it to have all their connections saturated by early arrivals.

...that's just 1 explaination.

Theory 2:

Another is the seeds are are fakes and corruptors. You're better off not connecting to any of them, and in fact better off killing the torrent now before you waste any more bandwidth.

Theory 3:

The seeds are firewalled and so you cannot connect to them and they can only connect to you IF you're not firewalled too.

Or a bit of Theory 1 & 3.

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I had the same problem: more than 20 seeds and still no connection to any of them, stuck at 99,2%, ratio less than 1. Despite my connection indicator was green (sign for "everything running ok with your connection"), i was days stuck at the end of the torrent.

Bad/fake torrent? NOT!

I was googling about it, so i found this thread. I'll name some of the problems one might have:

- Windows firewall?

In uTorrent Preferences, under Connection you have a button for "Add Windows Firewall Exception". That makes uTorrent look safe for windows firewall and works fine. But you can allways check it manualy in windows, it wasn't my problem.

- Port Forwarding?

I didn't do it, though i'm under a router, uTorrent has an option (at the same place) for "Enable UPnP port mapping". This is like an automatic port forwarding and it worked for me too, without having to tinker with the router. It was not the problem.

- Too many torrent jobs? (even in stopped status!). That was once a problem for me, clearing your torrent list - even the inactive ones! - helps improve performance a lot. But that wasn't the problem either!

Then i checked one thing i had never tinkered with:

the "Randomize port each start" option.

Then closed and started uTorrent again. THAT WORKED IMMEDIATELY! I got my last bits of torrent in minutes. 8)

I don't know why, but maybe the UPnP wasn't working with the current selected port, so by changing the port it worked. And when i'm stuck again, maybe i'll just have to restart uTorrent and let it try another port. =)

Hope this helps somebody.



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