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RSS forgetting and redownloading after crash


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I am using uTorrent version 1.6 (build 474). I haven't tried the latest beta because the download link leads to a 404 error.

The problem: uTorrent re-downloads completed (and then erased) torrents from the auto-RSS thing.

The setting: This occurs only after Windows (XP SP1) has crashed and has to be restarted. Bug has been replicated.

Possible cause: I think uTorrent records the RSS history to file upon exit rather than after each completed torrent download. Therefore, if the program is shut down improperly (like a crash) then it doesn't remember which files were downloaded during the last session.

Possible solution: Fairly obvious I think. Make uTorrent record RSS auto-downloaded torrents as it gets them and not only on proper closure of the program.

I hope this wasn't posted before. Let me know if anyone else can replicate.

-FireNoodle (soup, Kim Chi flavour is best)

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All settings are saved when the utorrent is closed, this is a common standard i many applications. I won't really call this a bug, go find the reason why windows crash instead. A crashed Windows isn't really a "standard enviroment" you shouldn't ask applications to work properly when the OS doesn't. Utorrent is supposed to work under controlled condtions, not during crashes, isn't this obvious?

So go find the real source of the problem.

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Hypothetical and highly exaggerated: If you have a roller coaster whose base is made of toothpicks, and the cart keeps falling off the roller coaster because the roller coaster keeps breaking apart, would you keep trying to put the cart on the roller coaster and hope that it runs, or would you fix the toothpick situation first?

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