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Shuld i portforward any port?


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i'm sorry for my dubbel post.

I have a D-Link 4300. I have done this thing.

1. Tested so the port is ported out: http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=X

2. Ported your the port in my router

In the log it's says: "Blocked outgoing TCP packet from to as ACK received but there is no active connection".

The icon in uTorrent is green, but there is this text in logg: "Unable to map UPnP Port.". Shuld i portforward any port thats utorrent use (exept the port i generat in it) ?

Thanks for all your answers and sorry for this dubbel post

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Didn't I just say it's fine if it's alternating? And I didn't even link to a guide, so I'm not sure what guide you're talking about. I recall already telling you to configure, and telling you that everything was fine already. Once again, I'm telling you that what you're experiencing is NORMAL.

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