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wierd error message


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Have the same error appear intermittently. Rebooting always fixes it. It appears in the status box, and the error is worded exactly as the OP stated.

Edit: Ok, looks like this is a windows error message. No wonder it makes absolutely zero sense.

The best guess I have come up with so far is that this is an issue with memory availability. It seems that people have temporarily fixed this by increasing the size of their paging file. Also would explain why rebooting fixes it. Still doesn't explain why I'm running out of memory after a fixed period of time unless something is failing to deallocate it. :(

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... If you're using 1.6, you get one answer. UPGRADE. If not, please update with more information. Minimally Alt-H-A version, Security and AV software installed.. and maximally the full logfiles in the sticky, linked for your convenience as the Read Me in my signature ;)

FWIW: All errorcodes returned by uT are given by Windows, with some human-readable code where it's likely to be seen.

P.S. Seen the update, so before you reboot/close/kill uTorrent.exe what does TaskMgr.exe or procexp.exe say about the process information about utorrent.exe ? Start->Run->Taskmgr (OR Ctrl-Alt-Del) for the former, http://live.sysinternals.com/tools/procexp.exe for the latter.

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