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Divide by zero error - When I finish downloading


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Hi friends

I am using Utorrent to download certain files.

After It has finished downloading ,I decided to stop seeding.

So i paused the torrent and exited from utorrent.

When I try to open the files, I get a divide by zero error.

also the explorer window gives a divide by zero error.

why is it so??

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This problem is with the files downloaded from utorrent.

Even If I pause or stop or do anyhting,when I open the folder containing the files, it gives divide by zero error'.

also If i try to open those files in wmp the same error occurs.

Inspite of the files finishing download quite some time back.

Is this some sort of anti-leech device?

This happens only for [specifics removed] files:) and not other [specifics removed] i download.

pls. help

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