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Disc Overloaded -> Slow speeds


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I'm running 2x 300gb something with 7200RPM NCQ ect in RAID-0 on a Promise FastTrak TX2300 Controller

Running up to date WinXp SP2

Now to the problem... as soon as i get above 2/3 MByte/s in combined transfer speeds utorrent harvests my resources and i get flashbacks from the last time i was helping my dad with his 350MHz comp also running WinXP aka... everything goes terribly slow.. and this is not the worst part... the worst part is that i don't get to use the full capasity of my i.conn... and yes, i have made sure it's not my isp having capasity issues.

Any help configureing utorrent/winxp would be very helpful, thanks in advance.

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i'm on a 100/100 MBit conn(i don't count on being abel to use it all, no)



Just started using the override function, with no improvements.

half open patched to 100, set to 75

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EDIT: My appologies.

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Not sure this if makes any difference, but check to make sure your IDE controllers' current transfer modes are on DMA, and not PIO, in Device Manager. Are you using any incompatible software listed in the FAQ?

And regarding your disk cache settings... try disabling everything besides the override, and both enabling options (meaning, disable the 3 suboptions).

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