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Tons of hashfails


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I'm getting an absolutely amazing number of hashfails on my torrents and getting banned all over the place (presumably as consequence.)

I'm using an 2Wire 2700 HG-B Gateway, connected via lan cable. I don't have full game mode/DMZ+ enabled, but I do have exceptions made for utorrent and Steam.

I need advice on what I have to do to get it to stop having so many hashfails while still maintaining an open port.


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I deleted the one file that was giving me massive amounts of hashfails--even a few while I was downloading the ubuntu file--and set the ubuntu file to download and I haven't gotten any hashfails.

I had been getting hashfails and bans before I added that one torrent, but I'm not getting any at the moment.

As I said before, I use a 2Wire 2700 HG-B Gateway to connect. (It is both a modem and a router, I don't use the router feature.)

I've got windows firewall and clamwin and we've got SBC Yahoo DSL for ISP.

(PS: Where can I find more torrents from people like this? Seriously, I don't care what I'm downloading, at 500 kb/s, I'll download it anyway. :) )

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