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force recheck dosen't check skiped files


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I had one of the files in a torrent set to skip. i downloaded that file from a different source and put it in the tracker download folder and did a force recheck. the recheck didn't show any download status for that file. i set the download to normal then rechecked and it saw it fine.

anyone else get this?

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I know this is a really old topic, but it's exactly the issue I have.

What would be wrong with checking the directory for skipped files if they aren't found in the partfile? I don't see any disadvantages to checking both locations.

I noticied if /any/ skipped file is set to normal and you recheck utorrent will look for /all/ files including skipped ones. Why does it does check skipped files in this case?

It checks the whole filelist only if there's a change made, but I can't understand why it shouldn't do it even without a change.

Also if you do only change 1 file to normal but have other skipped files in the directory, utorrent counts those skipped files as negative in the "remaining" column, it resets to 0 once done checking, but it's just weird to see negative kilobytes.

(As to why I have downloaded files set to skip - I don't like partfiles showing in my torrents where I only want some files)

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... All files are checked during a recheck. The only time the file is not checked is if the filename does not match.

Negative size has been fixed in 1.8 (build 7593) - Fix: negative "Remaining" value if files are skipped after they are completed

Verify your problems still happen on the current 1.8 beta please :) You can find it in the Announcements forum. You can run it self-encapsulated so it doesn't mess with existing settings.

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Thanks for the tip on the beta,

it's a little confusing to me how the fix in build 7593 is in 1.8 beta but not in a later build 1.7.7.

I think the file checking depends on if there are already any parts downloaded in that file. Let's say I'm using an external drive to store my torrents.

I tested it by using 1.8 to start only file1 of the torrent.

I then used 1.7.7 (which would be on a different computer) to start file2 and then move back to the first computer.

Rechecking with 1.8 doesn't check file2, but once set to normal it checks it.

If you then download more with the other client, 1.8 will recheck the new segments.

So, utorrent checks skipped files if there's already parts there, but not if the file was started from a different location.

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1.8 code changes in general are not backported to 1.7. ;) The only reason 1.7.5 was updated iirc was becuase of the serious security breaches found... the remote transversal of the WebUI as well as additional crash exploit proof-of-concepts in the wild.

OOOH! Another explanation of the checking procedure. I think that makes a bit of sense. Previously in my experience uT was always checking all files I downloaded unless the filenames did not match. Thank you for the information.

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