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A small bug....I think it is a bug


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Firstly, I bow to the creators of the WebUI, this is phenomenal!! I love it in Firefox!

Now the little bug, I just started to use the WebUI, and had some torrents running at my house, both downloading and uploading. When I get to work and login I see the torrents as I should, downloading and uploading, so I go about my normal work and come back to the webUI to check status of the torrents, 2 of the torrents have since completed and are now seeding, but the icon to the left is still showing downloading, the status text of the torrent is showing seeding, so I am thinking thet there is a little bug in the icon refreshes.

I hope I am not duplicating this bug report.

This is one of the best if not the best WebUIs I have used for torrents, not to mention the best client I have ever and will ever use!!


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