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"Stopped by scheduler" needs more visibility


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"Stopped by scheduler" needs more visibility:

If you use the scheduler, when you try to start a torrent during the disabled hours, all you get is an anemic "Stopped by scheduler" text in bottom left status bar.

Note that a started torrent will say "Queued" yet not transfer any data.

I was puzzled why the torrents weren't transferring any data until I noticed this by accident.

A bigger warning or indicator would be good, or the torrent status being marked as "stopped due to scheduler" (instead of "Queued") etc.

Or a message: if you try to start a torrent if gives you a message window that pops up that says "stopped due to scheduler, here's how to turn off scheduler, etc." with buttons for "start anyway" and "go to scheduler settings".

The reason this happened to me is that I had set the scheduler a long time ago and forgot about it.

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