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Downloading a Torrent from multiple sites


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I think this questions may have been asked a million times but I tried searching and I can't find my answer. So here it goes...

I'd like to download a torrent file that is available at 3 different sites.

Do I just right click on the torrent, go to properties, http://address with passkey there?

Or do I have to just download it wach time from the 3 different sites (so its listed 3 times in utorrent) and have it download to the same folder? (i'm sure that it will be a problem when the app makes 2 calls to go to the same file).

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That is interesting, i was not asked if I want to add just doing the above and the second Torrent with the same name just started checking the files of the first one and now downloads parallel into the first one without generating a new folder and files. So now what is true? They have different speed and different percentages, they dont seem to know of each other. This may cause problems as it seems not to be intended?


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