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Download speed has dropped since changing my ISP and Router... Help


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I have just changed my broadband isp from Bt to Sky broadband connect but have noticed no matter what torrent i try to download the speed only seems to manage a maximum of 10kb/s. I do get a green icon at the bottom of utorrent which far as i know indicates that there isn't a nat problem and i have used the built in port checker and that too seems fine.

When i was on Bt i could get into the 80's and 90's kb/s nearly all the time, i am still connecting to the internet at the same speed i.e 3.5mbps. With Bt i was using their Bt home hub/router but now i am with Sky i am using their Netgear DG834GT modem/router, i have created a static ip address using the info on portforward.com but i just can't seem to get the speed like i could with Bt.

If the problem is with the type of router iam using, is it possible to put the bt hub back in service, if so how would i configure it to Sky??

My system details are:

Utorrent 1.6 (build 474)

Sky Broadband connect

Netgear DG834GT modem/router

Windows 2000 service pack 4

Sygate personal firewall

Any help would be great as i have run out of ideas :(

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I tried the open office torrent from the link you gave and it downloaded at lightning speeds, it settled between 130kb/s and 140kb/s which was excellent, but why cant other torrents be like this?

i tried downloading a torrent file with over 1000 seeders but only managed a maximum of 10kb/s, i tried other files with a high amount of seeders etc and they too were the same.

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It may be your settings.

While on OpenOffice, you'll hit max download speed because often there's nobody TO upload to.

But if you're pushing your upload beyond your sustainable max, then your download speed can suffer immensely.

So tell us more about your connection and the settings you're using...we should be able to tell you some tweaks to improve your regular torrent speeds.

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I ran a speed check on adslguide.org and it came up with a upload speed of 375 kbps and a download of 3500kbps, so on the speed guide util within utorrent i selected 384k as my upload speed as it was the nearest and i have left all other settings in the preference's as they are as i am not sure what to alter.

hope this is of help

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