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Downloading grinds my comp to a halt


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Im on a 100mbit line and Im downloading between 2 and 5 mb/sec.

This grinds my laptop down to a complete halt almost. My HD just keeps grinding away.

If I used my laptop HD I would understand, but Im downloading to my USB 2.0 disk and it is usually much faster than a mere 5 mb/sec.

Does uTorrent store on my laptop HD first and then transfer to the USB disk? If so, how can I work around this problem? I have already set all foldersettings in uTorrent to folders on my USB disk.

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Random reads/writes all across a filesize that may even be 1+ GB.

Through a serial 1-bit-at-a-time connection. (USB = serial, it's a shared bus too -- so more than 1 USB device connected reduces the max reachable speed immensely.)

...is going to bottleneck something fierce when you're doing 2+ MB/sec.

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