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is there any solution to this China ISP?


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Ive been using torrent for few years now.in singapore and malaysia..so i know how to port forward and get green light..but i recently moved to china

my utorrent never get a green light in china(Hunan,Changsa).(China Telecom(ISP))torrent 1.6

my modem is Caremo ADSL modem&router model no AS 502 and i also use wireless modem Netgear mr814v2

i used wireless modem because the modem have the port forward setting and other modem dont have.

and i have to set the tcp/ip setting manually and use the dns server given by them.

When its yellow i can get 10-30Kb (if lucky 30) i have 2mb line, so max its 190++Kb i guess??

when i leave it for maybe about 30 min it will turn red and kill my internet connection and utorrent as well..so speed is 0

My nethalf connection is 8 . i dont know what is the max.. im using laptop travelmate 3210

no firewall software, im only using avg antivirus and peer guardian

any idea what could be the problem ?

when i was in singapore and malaysia torrent only kill the connection of browsing but torrent is still working.so this is the first time that it kill internet connection completely

i have try anything i can to get the green light from connect directly to the modem, using wireless, static ip, etc..but...none working..

I`ve been thinking that maybe the problem is with the isp...

is there any solution for it if thats the case?workaround or something?

i try to give information as many i can think of..and sorry if my english is bad :P

hope anyone can help me...im so stress to see my torrent like this

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Many Chinese ISPs give the same internet ip to multiple customers. They only differ in what LAN ip they have (192.168.1.x for instance, where x=0-255 changes). If that's the case, you will ALWAYS be firewalled regardless of what you do.

The speed dropping to 0 probably has to do with your ISP throttling your connection (semi-likely) or more likely due to connection overload because of cheap networking hardware and software not being able to handle µTorrent's many connections at once...despite being FAR from max speed! You'll have to reduce alot of settings to see if that helps.

Ultima's signature has troubleshooting links for how to fix slow connections.

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i have change the net half to 4 , disable resolve ip, do the speed test and set the upload speed, change global connection to 50, 2 download simultaniously,bit lazy to true,proteocol encryption enable and check the legal connection and others...i wont mind if i only can get 10-30Kb, what im stress about is the internet connection that stop my torrent when i leave it for a long time...

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