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Help via live messenger voice chat.


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Hi people. Crikey am I confused with this utorrent, more I read more confused I get, all this tweaking, why can't it just be search for whatever find it and download it. I'm d/l a 3.92 GB game and its gonna take days 843 mb so far, thats taken 12 and a half hour's.

Can't get a green light at the moment it's a red circle sometimes it's a yellow triangle. So if someone with good knowledge on this program wouldn't mind talking me thru it all via live chat that would be good.Or is all ok with my set up? My speeds vary from 1kb to 50 so far and I'm on a 1.5/256 connection with a netcom nb5plus 4 modem/router ( I assume it is a modem/router). Iv'e d/l demo games at 140/150 kb/s.

Anyhow thanks.

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