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Port forwarding problems


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I am having trouble keeping a port forwarded. I can successfully forward a port in the router (Netgear WGR614v5 Firmware Version V1.0.9_1.0.6), but after an amount of time (1-5 hours) the 'test to see if port' option shows port NOT forwarded. I then go up one port number in utorrent, change the settings in the router to reflect the new port and it works, for a short time. I get the same problem using upnp. I set utorrent to randomize port each time it starts. Open utorrent, port is forwarded. After some time its not. Close utorrent and re-open, port is fine.

Could this be my isp (charter pipeline) blocking the port after seeing torrent traffic? I forced outgoing encryption and unchecked legacy connections but this was no help. Any advice would be appreciated.



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