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Mandriva Linux Free with 107 hash fails


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Brand new to bittorrent in general, and brand new to uTorrent. I come from the emule background...

I'm downloading Mandriva Linux on my uTorrent, but I am getting Wasted: 41.7MB (107 hashfails). What does this mean? Is it bad? How can I fix it?

Other info: My download is unlimited, and my upload is set at Max 30kBps (i share my internet connection and I don't want to slow down e.body else) I have two 4.3GB files downloading (Mandriva and openSUSE). Mandriva is 73% done, it has 16 seeds and 51 peers.

*winxp pro

*2.2 Ghz CPU

*512 MB ram

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Funny. I do have a dlink router. Don't all routers have DMZ capabilities? At least all the major consumer brands...

The UPnP on the router and utorrent work fine. I have done numerous port scans and they *all* passed. Why should DMZ be different? I'd prefer to manually forward the ports, can I do that instead of DMZ?

I told myself the same thing -- downloads like these should not be getting any hashfails. I'm totally new to bittorrent, so I'm still figuring this stuff out (mostly the jargon). I wish they could distribute the Linux isos in ed2k format :P a program I am very familiar and comfortable with.

/edit: what exactly is a 'hashfail'?

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It's not DMZ mode itself that's bad, it's D-Link's implementation that sucks big time. If you can forward manually, then yes, I don't see why you would opt to use DMZ instead. It's so much more insecure.

Hashfail is when a piece does not match the hash described in the .torrent file, whereby µTorrent must assume the piece is corrupt. It tosses hashfailed pieces and redownloads them.

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