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Connection definately needs improvement...


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Well, I know this is µtorrent's home and not many pple here like to be told their fav client isn't that the best of all...

Anyway, the goal here is (if am not mistaken) to improve the whole thing

To reach this goal, truth has to be said...


Please note that I'm open to any suggestions and that I would help in any way I can

(if logs, tests, or whatever are needed)

Please, aslo note that am really not interested in whitch client is better: it's not the point here! The point is to get my fav client, µtorrent, improved to reach the standards I reached when I was using Bittornado

µtorrent offers a lot of avantages compared to Bittornado and that's why I'd like to keep using it, even for uploading files

So, here is a test on the very same torrent with absolutely nothing else running in the computer:

I used:

*Bittornado (T.0.3.15)

**µtorrent (1.6 build 474)

The torrent:

this torrent is 3GB in size

on this torrent, there are at this moment 3 peers: they don't max out my connection even when I use Bittornado

this torrent is private (no DHT allowed, no peer exchange allowed)

I wish I could use super-seed in µtorrent, but I gave up long ago (those who tried will know why)

The 3 peers in this test are running: (without any mods or whatever other ####)

µTorrent/1600 (1)

Azureus/ (2)

There can be no doubt about the 3 peers firewall because we're all friends on a private tracker and we all have our ports opened like they should be (checked and double checked and triple checked)

We've been succesfully sharing files (mostly between 700mB and 9GB) using Bittorrent on that same private tracker for over 3 years

The settings:

*Bittornado's settings are... just plain default

**µtorrent has only been setup by (properly) running the ctrl+g speedguide

What happened:

*It takes about 5 seconds for Bittornado to be connected with all the 3 peers. There were no such thing as one peer that disconnects from time to time or whatsoever

**It takes about:

-0 minutes for µtorrent to be connected with 1 the 3 peers (this peer is using Azureus)

-15 minutes for µtorrent to be connected with the second peer

-1 hour and a half for µtorrent to be connected with the 3 peers... (this last one was the one using µtorrent too)

and then, randomly, one client started being disconnected (for 15 mins up to several hours) every now and then: when he was disconnected, my upload rate was falling down to 40kB/s

The stats:

*Bittornado's peak speed on this torrent: 102kB/s

Bittornado's average speed: 100kB/s (no peer was disconnected at any moment)

Bittornado almost stood at 100kB/s at all time

**µtorrent's peak speed on this torrent: 94kB/s

µtorrent's average speed: about 50kB/s (because of the peers randomly getting disconnected for LONG periods)

µtorrent almost stood at about 75kB/s when connected to the 3 peers and at about 32 kB/s when connected to only 2 of them


With Bittornado, you reach max upload speed instantaneously and keep it steady at all times

With µtorrent, you definately don't

Actually, from what I've seen, you need at least 6/8 peers on a torrent to expect being anywhere close to Bittornado's rate

µtorrent never gets that max speed right from the beginning

µtorrent never gets the upload rate as steady as with Bittornado

With Bittornado, torrent uploaded in about 7 hours...

With µtorrent, torrent uploaded in about 15 hours...

Pretty annoying when the torrent you're uploading is only about 100 MB: You get connected to all peers when you already uploaded the whole file to one of them...

Pretty annoying too to see you'll need a lot more time to ulpoad the file with µtorrent! And therefore that you'll have to postpone the next upload planned...

also pretty annoying to see an old client like Bittornado (T.0.3.15) being able to rape the 3 months old latest µtorrent!

If Ludde would give his client the same ability to connect and the same efficiency of super-seed mode Bittornado has, he would just have reached perfection...

[Don't bump your threads.]

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