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Files appear to be complete, but upon forcing recheck, seem incomplete


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utorrent 1.6

For a bunch of different torrents, they all seemed to have downloaded successfully and then gone into seeding mode. However, when I do force recheck on them, it then says that they are less than 100% complete (they're all between 99 and 100%). This is somewhat alarming, but I'm having trouble figuring out if its utorrent, or windows, or my motherboard/drive controller/driver (hard drive itself should be fine, no bad sectors or anything) and its an nforce 3 based board with the newest nforce drivers for it. I did do a defrag last night with perfectdisk (which completed successfully) but i'd really hope that wouldn't actually be messing anything up like that. Seems pretty strange, roughly 75% of the torrents I just rechecked that seemed complete weren't upon forcing recheck. Any ideas?

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