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* Bandwidth priority! I'm running outta bandwidth on my seeding box and I need to cap my upload. However, I need to increase my ratio on some trackers over others, so being able to give some torrents bandwidth priority over others would be hugely helpful.

* Sorting the # column is screwed up. It puts the * first rather than 1, 2, 3, etc. Those *'s shouldn't even actually be there as they aren't in the real GUI for me due to my rules. Also, if you sort by a column like "Status", it seems to randomly sub-sort those items.

* I think it'd be really cool to have the bottom bar like there is in the normal GUI. It'd make it easy to change the speed caps as well as another way to see the current speeds (can't use the status bar in FF and my FF title is often hidden by Winamp).

* I wish you could select what columns you wanted to see (ex: tracker URL).

* Clicking the big blank area doesn't de-select any any torrents (go away yellow highlight! :(). Not a big deal though.

* Weren't there more tabs at the bottom in beta 1? Or am I remembering falsely? Not that it really matters -- what's there is fine.

Keep up the good work guys. :)

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1) Waiting on ludde

2) Sure Directrix can sort that, thanks for pointing that out

3) Would be nice yes :)

4) Has been on the todo list for a while, will be implemented when Directrix gets it working satisfactorily.

5) Ctrl+Z to deselect torrents is only way so far.

6) Yes there was a speed tab at the bottom, which was removed semi-permanently.

7) Directrix and ludde are both busy doing other things atm, so development is going to be slower. But there are still some good things in the pipeline (if all goes to plan), so stay tuned folks :)

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