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Sluggish Performance


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Hi, i am having problem with utorrent and WinXp. When i have utorrent running for more than an hour, my com will become sluggish as in that WinXP is very in responsive and sluggish in opening program. I suspect is the disk cache problem as i dun have problems with Bitcomet on the following settings.



AMD64 3200+

1GB Ram

Connect to router.

Using utorrent v1.6 with the following changed settings.

Global Maximum Connections 1000

Maximum no of connected peers 990

No of upload sots per torrent 20

Max upload at 20KBps

Advance settings as followed

net.max_halfopen 100

Thats is my Utorrent settings but will lag after an hour of usage

Even i just lower the max connections to 500 and connected peers to 450, it will still lag too.

Pls help, thanks

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For one, did you actually apply the XP SP2 TCP Limit patch also, instead of only saying you want 100 connections? Also if you did apply the patch, did you actually change it to 100? If so you should tell uTorrent to only use like 95, otherwise, you will have XP going insane because it's maximum amount of half_open connections will be used up and it will probably make other applications like web browsers go nuts also.

Also, what router, so we can better help you? Also, are you sure your router can handle 1000 connections? That seems like it would end up possibly killing (not permantly) your router, once you run a lot of torrents or run a torrent with a huge number of seeds and peers.

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It matters after you run µTorrent for a day straight or longer without a reboot of the router.

There are multiple bottlenecks in computers/networks, and the settings you're wanting to use are ridiculous.

If you really only have 20 KB/sec upload speed to spare, use Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/192k setting.

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But how is my setting ridculous. But i have to set the total global connection and connected peers to such high nos in order to get a decent speed, else will loiter at speeds as ard 20KBps since my isp does not provide good oversea speeds.

Or maybe u mistaken that its the speed problem i am facing. Now i am facing sluggish performance on WinXP when running with utorrent.

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Because you are being unfair with the people you're downloading from!

20 upload slots per torrent is a major mistake with your settings -- even if you're running just 1 torrent at a time, you're only giving out 1 KB/sec per person...probably even less!

1000 connections is excessive, PERIOD, end of story.

There's people here that'd love to get and sustain 50 connections, but their hardware, software, computer, or ISP simply cannot handle it.

My computer is running Win 98SE, so if I go over 90 connections I can expect problems despite the registry patch I've run.

Even some really fast setups (like 45 Megabits/sec T-3 lines) can max out their connection with fewer than 100 connections on public torrents.

You're seeking something from these 100's of extra connections but not offering anything in return, as it is virtually impossible for you to upload to all of them. Nor should you try, because uploading at very slow speeds (<0.1 KB/sec) is basically worthless to all participants.

Your ISP is probably throttling overseas traffic, so have you tried protocol encryption?

Then you shouldn't "need" 1000 connections, and can probably make do with just 100 -- or at least 50 per torrent.

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