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invalid/unpoliced packets from uTorrent? slowing browser speed ...


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Hi guys ..

Im running uTorrent v1.6.1 beta on Windows 2003 Server. My router is Siemens Speedstream & I've a 512kbps conn.

I run into browsing issues very often ie. my browsing speed gets real slow no matter whihch browser is used & whatever the upload rate of uTorrent is.

My ISP says its as a result of unpoliced/invalid packets sent from my machine. Now if I exit my uTorrent all the browsing issue seems to stop. How can i stop this issue & what is causing this. (I've tried setting all high & low upload rates - but the issue doesnt budge)

All this while if I enable uTorrent to 60KB/s ... its chugs away happily at 56KB/s atleast .. :-) .. browsing is horrible even even if I put this to 10KB Down / 4KB Up

Do let me know how to resolve this issue.


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