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Time waits for ...which man?


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Really sorry to bog you lot down with yet another problem, although, I don't feel as though this is so much a problem, it's more like a time-issue.

To explain: Last night, from about 7pm* till about 11pm* my speeds were really slow! I'm talking about 3kb/s at the best time. Then at about 11pm*, speeds picked up again and when i went to bed, I left uTorrent on and the average speed overnight was about 270kb/s.

And then again today, my speeds have been really fast at an average of about 330kb/s, but now, at 18:30* they are down to 1.2kb/s.

I can see a pattern forming here, and i'm kinda expecting, and of course hoping, that my speeds improve at 11pm tonite (in about 4 hours time.

It's a funny one this one....anyone else noticed this?

Please reply,


* - all times displayed are GMT! (i'm in Manchester, UK)

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