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router recommendation?


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Hello everybody,

Currently Im using my main windows machine as the router on my network using ICS so all the other computers on the network can use the internet aswell. But it's a bit annoying to have the computer turned on 24/7 to make sure all computer can access the internet, which is why Im looking for a new router but it must meet some requirements:

- uPnP ( I think I need this feature to have ports opened automatically if a program needs it on a computer from the network, right?)

- Currently I have no locks on any ports on my network so every computer have full access to the internet both outgoing and ingoing, if I want to run a ftp server or webserver on one of the computers, such feature will be needed aswell on some level.

- Disable firewall? I wont be needing a firewall or atleast feature to disable the firewall.

- I want to make sure every machine can send/recieve files from all apps, like messenger, skype or whatever, same with access to remote desktop, when im not home and apps alike, also green V (that utorent open port thing) on all computers which I might be using utorrent on.

- More than 10mbit throughput as my connection is 50mbit

Sorry but this may the the standard on all routers noadays, but in the past I have been served with stupid routers from my ISP which was on some point preconfigured to limit some of my apps one way or the other. eg. really slow when connecting to ftp servers, not sending files to other than the computer configured with DMZ from my friends over messenger/skype, problems settings up ftp servers with SSL because of some PASV issues ect ect ect..

So basically just a nice fast "open" router where everything works as intended like currently with ICS.

What can you guys recommend??

PS. The router doesnt need an integrated switch as I already have a switch for the rest of my network.

- Cheers toor :)

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