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Constant restarts of uTorrent works, but I want to avoid it


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Here is my problem. Anyone recognise it?

-I start my computer, start up uTorrent, add a torrent or three, and they download at spectacular rates (>800 kb/s).

-I surf around on Firefox and check my e-mails on Outlook for 5-60 minutes.

-I notice the pages are loading slower than usual, then they stop loading altogether.

-I check uTorrent. If I have unfinished torrents, they are stuck at very low speed, while uploads are running at normal speed.

-I shut off uTorrent - Firefox and my e-mail client come back at full functionality.

-I start up uTorrent again - and get full speed, and another 5-60 minutes of full speed on uTorrent, Firefox and Outlook.

I use uT 1.6 and Windows Firewall with open ports and a Netgear router with port forwarding on my uT-port. I have Symantec Antivirus CorpEd 10.

If anyone took the time and read this post I really appreciate it. I did read most of the FAQ's.


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