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Sunrocket Gizmo Port Forwarding???


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Here's my situation, first a basic description of my setup

PC<---->DLink DI-524(Router)<---->Sunrocket Gizmo(VIOP)<---->Efficient Netowrks Speedstream (DSL Modem)

I've been trying to forward the ports and had no luck getting the port checker to give me any success

I have setup my Ip as static on My PC. I have configured my router(Dlink DI-524) as described by portforward. I'm 99% sure I have it right to that point.

Next in line I have this Sunrocket Gizmo(VIOP) and I am not sure if any of you have experience with one of these, but it also has a tab in it's configuration that says "port forwarding"

The poblem is it will only let you forward ports from IP's 192.168.251.xxx and I simply setup my PC as I have checked the DHCP table in the gizmo, and it shows my DI-524 router with a dynamic IP of

I've tried forwarding a the same port number (43583) on the gizmo, and then I entered the IP address, but no luck.

If anyone has had success with this type of setup, please let me know.

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