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I'm writing a WebUI-like firefox extension


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Download the latest µTorrent Web UI Firefox extension here.


Firefox 3.5 support.

Thanks to kamia, Firefox 3 is supported. Take a look at the posts in this thread to see the impovements.


Phunkyfish' HTTPS / SSL support


Bug fixes


All the improvements that avaly contributed.

Support for drag and drop to the status bar.

I've written a simple script that adds torrents to uTorrent running on a remote server when I click a torrent in firefox. It's a little more convenient than downloading the torrent and then using the add torrent dialog in WebUI.

So i've started turning it into a firefox extension that will have a cut-down WebUI-like interface in a sidebar. Hopefully it will display a list of torrents, some info about each torrent, support dragging torrents from the main browser window to start them, stop torrent, remove torrent, etc. And it will have a button to bring up the full WebUI as well of course :) Just thought I would check nobody is working on anything similar...

Will anyone object if I give it the same look and feel as WebUI? Maybe even borrow some of the background and button images... :)

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Nice initiative!

I was looking to do something similar at some point in time. The options I was thinking were:

- Add torrent from download dialog (having an option to send to remote µTorrent)

- Download/Upload speed in status bar (update interval configurable)

- Switch speed limits remotely (didn't know if by status bar or Tools menu)

As you already did the job you might want to consider these other features.

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My utorrent firefox extension is still in the early stages but it's at the point where other people can try it I think. Screenshot below:



- Embeds the utorrent WebUI in a sidebar to the left of the main browser window.

- .torrent file links dragged and dropped from the main window to the utorrent sidebar will be added to the download list. This is the most useful feature.

- the current download and upload rates are displayed in the status bar.


- This extension is only useful if you are using the WebUI.

- You must tell the extension your utorrent WebUI admin username and password and it currently stores them as plaintext.

- This is a very early prototype and it has lots of bugs.

- In fact it might not work at all!

- Use at your own risk.

Feedback appreciated.

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I was going to write a whole UI in XUL but I decided to try this first because it's a lot easier to just embed the HTML one. I might revisit the XUL option later if there's a good reason. Btw, the source code is in the XPI file. If anyone wants to change the extension, go ahead. Just remember to change the guid so Firefox doesn't get confused.

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you can do this in Firefox already without using any extensions and using the existing UI

simply bookmark your webUI url

find the bookmark you have just saved, right click on it , choose properties, and tick the box "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" and voila when you click on the bookmark it will open in your sidebar, the WebUI needs a bit of tweaking in the future but it works perfectly fine and looks identical to the screenshot above

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Hi, i have an ADSL connection that i share with 3 other people, i've wrote a program that detects when a person is online or offline. it changes utorrents dl and ul limits to pre-programmed values depending on who's online. currently i use vbscript to change the dl and ul limits (which doesn't always work). now that the WebUI is available, and you have the knowlage on how to access it, i was wondering if there is a way to send a command through the WebUI to change the dl and ul limits?

for example: http://username:password@

any help is appreciated.

P.S.: i'm using C#.Net

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I've found the solution to my problem, and here it is for those who are intrested:



and they can be done via VBScript using Lord Alderaan's code ;) :

Function httpGET(url)
Set http = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
http.Open "GET", url, False
httpGET = http.responseText
End Function


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