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Weird, I tried resorting the image formats inside the icon - same thing. But I think that the main.ico and tray.ico files only utilize the 16x16 format anyway, and I use the small icon too.

If anyone has a clue how to fix the icon to display correctly, please tell! :)

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Nice icons, but can I make a suggestion or two? The status icons for uploading and downloading with the tracker down should be red not green. Just a bit confusing for me is all.

Also, why ticks instead of up arrows for uploading? Ticks would be better for Finished.

And maybe use a lighter shade for the Queued ones?

Other than that, great icons, I've got a bit of a Hal theme on my comp, these go well with it. Thanks

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import_fighter, from the FAQ:

Put tray.ico (for the tray) and main.ico (for the GUI) in C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\uTorrent, or in the same directory as utorrent.exe if you have the settings in the same directory. You must restart µTorrent for this to take effect.

Demon-boy, thanks for your comments! ;)

After one of my hard disks died, my icons are all over and haven't had much time to play around.

But I will fix it as soon as I find time.

TY :)

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