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Network status light red, yet still OK?


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Hi all,

Now i know this may sound weird, but within the past 24hrs my network status light has gone from a green to red....and stayed that way. My uploads are still at a constant 22kB/s but my downloads have gone to around 20kB/s on average. (It has remained like this for a little over 6hrs now) I have rebooted the router twice, reset router defaults and forwarded the ports correctly.

Port 19573 TCP/UDP Inbound

Port 19573 TCP/UDP Outbound

Exception made to Windows firewall for utorrent still in place

(This is the way i have forwarded them for the past 6 months with no problem)

When i do the Portforward test i get the error message: Port 19573 does not appear to be open.

My router is a Netgear DG834G

OS is WinXP Pro SP2

2Mb line with 256 up

On the Seeds and Peers front there seem to be plenty of amounts in the brackets for both. And the numbers outside of the brackets aren't too bad considering.

Any ideas on why this seems to have gone strange all of a sudden? And how to get back to green light status?

I will try to post a screen dump as soon as i figure out how to post it.


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Your computer's LAN ip may have changed, so your port forwarding (or UPnP) may no longer be pointing to the right ip...so your computer is no longer receiving incoming BitTorrent packets like it should. In short, it makes µTorrent firewalled.

My best guess for what may have caused this is:

Either your computer rebooted and you got a new ip on it.

Or your internet connection went down and later came back up, so your computer got a new ip then even though it never rebooted.

The only reasons why your computer may have become firewalled without changing IPs usually are due to some overload of a software firewall or hardware routing table. Some routers when using UPnP...or running for days/weeks straight...lose proper memory of which way to router packets due to overloads.

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