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cpu usage issue


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I use utorrent with following settings:

global maximum number of connections 50

mx conncted peers per toreent 100

8 upload slots per torrent


bandwith is 2mbit down and 2mbit up

I have some 10 torrent going right now. Problem is that utorrent is not using too much cpu forst 25 mins (~10%)but after that it loads cpu to full 100%..I can barely move my cursor..Pausing torrents reduces cpu usage at the 5%...

Machine is not so old

3ghz P4 with gig of memory

TCP/IP patch applied

Kaspersky Antihacker Firewall/F-Secure Antivirus are on at the same time..

Does anybody know what's the issue?

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At the very least, I vaguely recall F-Secure being known to cause problems with µTorrent... Anyhow, when was the last time you patched TCPIP.sys? Have you checked to make sure your IDE controllers in Device Manager have current transfer modes of DMA, and not PIO?

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Your global maximum connections is 50, but somehow each torrent is allowed 100 connections?

That won't fly well. :D

Did you try the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) xx/2Mbit setting?

The other settings need reasonable values as well, or that alone can explain the problems you're having.

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I updated my tcpip.sys(set to 50 connections) yeasterday, set speedguide to xx/2mbit setting as it was before i tried to play with it to reduce cpu usage(incl setting it to 50 connections)..no changes, problem is stille there


I actually save my torrents on 2 harddrives connected by raid(half on each other), I updated my raid driver too yeasterday. In device manager it's identified as ite ada raid controller no pio and dma settings available to choose.

Once again problem is remaining the same, it's starts nicely downloading 200kb/s in and some 200kb/s out and no speed problems..after half an hour it consumes

some 30%(overall 60% cpu is used) of cpu and 33mb(in the ordinary xp task manager)of memory with 6 torrents, but still my cursor is moving slowly and windows are opening slowly.. after I pause torrents computer works normally. When I take a look on the situation in the sysinternals process manager it show that utorrent.exe actually doesn't consume too much, but system process DPC (deferred procedure calls)is consuming most of the cpu time, but it rapidly falls when I pause torrents..I don't know what that DPC does..Any advice? Maybe I should attach my config or something?

Thank's for your previous messages!

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No, I mean the global connection max in µTorrent which has nothing to do with tcpip.sys Windows XP half open limit.

Half Open connections are how FAST it makes new connections, global max is how many already-made it allows at once.

My half open max in µTorrent is only 4, but my global max is 70-90. On most torrents I ramp up quickly because of incoming connections which don't count against my half open connection limit.

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