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help for setting utorrent 3mbit connection


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Hi I am looking for the right settings for utorrent for a 3mbit connection.

I tried several settings but everywhere I look on internet they measure it from a 256kb connection.

I already installed the patch to change the windows connections from 10 into 50 but I still don't have high downloads.

I have KPN internetplusbellen connection and before I had a cable chello internet connection and with the chello connection my downloadspeed was sometimes 300 kbs!!!

But now I don't get higher then 100 kbs!

I already disabled the firewall from my router and all my ports are open for utorrent.

Does anyone know what the exact settings are for me?????

I really will be gratefull when someone can help me.

greetz Morpheus

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You may have 3 megabits/sec download speeds, but your new ISP may be giving you less upload speed than the old...and since your download speed in torrents is based on how much you upload to others -- as nobody wants to reward leeching -- your download speed ends up being lower.

This is also apparent if you start additional torrents, as they won't add much to your download speed...since your upload speed is probably already maxed out.

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Basically depends on your upload max.

You can't maintain as many connections at once without problems with low upload speeds.

On almost all broadband connections now, upload speed is often only 1/4 or less of download speed...so that's why it's the limiting factor/bottleneck.

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