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How to share files with closed ports?


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I have some great problem=( I am studying now on college, and I came in some place that they hae closed ports for internet, so you cannot download and upload with utorrent. I was wodnering if anything can be done? ecause i tried tor, and it is not working, i tried other proxies, without success.

Someone mentioned that it works with bitcomet, if the ports are closed?

Please if you can give me as much information as you are able to provide. hehe thanks

I want to mention that it is wireless connection, and when i try to play call of duty 2, or counter strike source it gives me abnormal 800+ of ping =/


bye, fac

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You don't really even have an internet connection -- just an indirect proxy which you can web surf on. ...which explains the HORRIBLE Call of Duty 2 pings.

Really not much you can do, as most proxies are geared for HTTP traffic, not BitTorrent traffic.

Get a real ISP/internet connection and try again.

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