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When no torrents running, automatically disable UPnP port forward


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UPnP has worked great for me on my old DLink 614+ wireless router. If the port is not forwarded, uTorrent uses UPnP and forwards the port for me... I know its working perfectly and I show throw a celebration as a happy user ;-)

The feature request is for the opposite - Once all torrent downloads/seeds complete OR when I am running uTorrent but don't currently have any tasks (e.g. start when Windows starts); it would be great if uTorrent used the same UPnP job that it uses to delete & change the forwarded port to just remove it completely until it is needed again.

The thought process here is that I don't like traffic flooding onto my slow wireless 802.11b LAN if it doesn't need too ... and having the port forwarded on the router lets many clients continue flooding my network even though a task as stopped seeding/leeching. :-D

Thanks! And the new (er...now public) web interface is awesome! Finally a small & effecient Torrent client with a web interface that doesn't look like an entirely new client! Amazing!!!

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