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Help Please - Frequent Disconnects/Crash, Router on LAN


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Hi, I have been downloading for months already, and i met many problems with many clients but i do not know how to solve until now... i have look up and down in the internet, in forums, in blog in search of the one solution that will help me ultimately solve this problem but fail. i hope i do get some enlightenment after posting this

my problem is whenever i download, it will get disconnected, the router is reset, and cant surf the web. this problem is frequent and i have been scoled by my housemate everytime i start downloading...

ISP: Tmnet Streamyx

Router: DSL 500g on lan with 7 computers

Torrent Client: uTorrent -

DHT off (with this culprit on I get even more disconnects),

max half open 4, windows xp patched to a 100(no matter what number i put even the default number, still will crash the router)

global maximum number of connections 75

port forwarded(now testing with multiple ports being forwarded)

max global connection(varies - coz i have been testing highly limited rate and unlimited rate)

i think the above info is enough, please help me, i do not want to trouble my housemates again

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You need to know how much upload and download bandwidth is available as a whole on your internet connection as well as how much of it YOU can use without causing the others wanting to use it slowdowns and problems.

Unlimited upload speed in µTorrent will no doubt make them want to club you... :lol:

Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and do speed tests on both down and up while next to nothing else is going on with the internet connection. These are the MAX speeds for the connection, but if you use that much you'll definitely cause high pings in online games for others as well as slower download speeds. So you may have to settle for using 50% or even as little as 20% of the connection's upload speed.

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hi, Jervin. I have same problem too. The downloading is always fine with p2p running. But recently, it is bad. Izzit something to do with the isp? i dunno.

The have limited the upload speed to 17k/s, since the line's upload is only 256kbps. I have tried limit the connection but it is not helping.

I have searched through the web and found out that it is also something to do with the DHT of bittorrent. It is coz of bad UDP of DSL-500x modems. I have disabled it and it works for quite some time but now it is not working.

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i have turned off upnp, set the max connections as low as 30. But still...... It's like almost everything that can be done is done. I read somewhere that it is about the maximum active nat that dsl-500g can handle, so basically dsl-500g sux? or is there anything else that i can do to minizie the active nat?

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now this is what i just did, global max 40-200, max number 10-20, upnp off, ipfilter false, half open 8-50, lazy bit sometimes true sometimes false, max upload 10-20, max download 20-unlimited, encryption on(but i guess encryption is total useless, on/off the same) and guess what it still crashes at minimum...

is it because the tracker can cause crash? or is it i used these many connections, my housemates also used alot of connections, then it crashes? what's the problem, it is a problem i cannot solve already, bastard dlink router!!!

a side note: it seems like there are alot of useless connections especially those ip that are not 60.x.x.x, 218.x.x.x, 219.x.x.x for streamyx... so the download also seems slow

can any of you guys out here help me... i am desperately in need of solving this problem...

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