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upload problems


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i'm a complete newbie with this torrent client and i can't seem to figzure out a problem.

i've downloaded a file (100%) and but now, it doesn't want to seed. at all.

i've set up my speed settings (ctrl + G), i've set up the max upload rate (22kB/s), and there are peers for the torrent. but i still haven't seedes anything.

also the torrent i downloaded is from a private tracker and i'm listed under the seedres list, but it says that i'm not connectable.

what am i doing wrong or not doing? i really need a decent ratio to be able to keep downloading from the tracker, but right now i can't even get it to start uploading.

thanks for your help.

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on the CTLR+G page do the portforward test.

if it says you are not forwarded, then check your settings.

(If it is a private tracker with lots of [faster] seeds, then maybe you as a firewalled peer with low uploadrate are not interesting enough for other clients at the moment, so don't panic, just leave the torrent active running when you have checked that your settings are OK)

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