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Linksys BEFSR41V4 - Need Replacement?


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I searched the forums and found only three topics on the Linksys BEFSR41V4, and none of those answered my question. Wasn't sure if I should drop this in Speed or Troubleshooting, as I feel it fits both.

Anyway, I have been reading about the problems with the other routers and some of their fixes with scripting tools and was wondering if there is anything just for the BEFSR41V4. I don't have any issues with the Global Connection Limits (default for 256k), instead the router only crashes when I turn on the DHT network. Originally I was getting 100-120+ kb/s before turning DHT off - now I only get 50-60 kb/s (but no crashes). So, I guess I just need to know if there is anyway to get my original download speed and turn the DHT back on with a fix before I replace this POS altogether. :D Thank you.

P.S. I have searched Google for any type of fix aimed at the Linksys BEFSR41V4 model, but no luck.

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