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µTorrent opens too many Connections


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I had Problems with too many half-open Connections because i run a Complete Web and Mailserver on the same System µTorrent is running on.

Now i got Problems with the General Count of Connections.

Global Connections is set to 25.

Max connected Peers per Torrent: 25.

Uploadslots per Torrent: 25.

Extra Slots if below 90%: off.

Max Count of active Torrents: 25.

Max Count of active Downloads: 25.

The 'netstat' List shows 286 Connections Active or Waiting on the µTorrent Port.

I would like to reduce these Connections to a max of 50.


- Cr33K -

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Your settings are excessive unless you're uploading at 200+ KB/sec. Even then, what's with having 25 as a stat across the board. 25 torrents active at once is extreme for anything short of a 10 megabit/sec upload line.

Disable UPnP, DHT, and resolve ip/show country flags. That should drop the UDP 'connections' and extra connections considerably. You may need to manually port forward your router after that though.

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