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Not enough space bug with partfiles


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I am getting this error message from a torrent which is in "stop" mode. This one's a bit kooky so I'll break it down with an example:

I have a torrent with 10 500MB files in it. Having downloaded the first 5 files with not enough disk space to download any of the other files I have stopped the download, moved the 5 files out of the torrent folder. Now going back to the torrent produces a "files missing" error as expected, which force recheck solves. All files in the torrent are marked as "skip", now, marking the 6th file as "high" priority will produce a "not enough space" error even although the torrent is still in a stopped state. Please note I've also chosen not to pre-allocate space in the options for files.

What I'm thinking is happening is that there is a small part DAT file which is the very beginning of file 6 which was downloaded in order to complete the end of file 5. When I set the priority of file 6 to high it automatically takes the little data it has downloaded and pre-allocates the complete file 6 failing due to insufficient space. Is this expected behaviour? As I haven't started the torrent I didn't expect more disk space to be allocated yet.

Hmmm, on thinking about it this may not be a bug after all, it just seemed uTorrent was doing something it was not doing before or should not be doing. Think I can probably get around this particular scenario by also deleting the part file before rechecking.

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