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utorrent connecting to hardly any peers / seeds


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Ports are open and it tells me that they are. But I am connecting to hardly any peers to what I used to. I am using utorrent 1.6.

Are there any changes that could have changed to make me not being able to connect to many seeds / peers?

I am using a 2wire 1800HG router and my ISP is BT (British Telecom)

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Connection Type xx/192K (speed test showed upload to be 370kbs)

Upload Limite 17kB/s

Connections (per-torrent) 55

Max Actice torrents 1

Upload slots 3

Connectons (global) 90

Max Active downloads 1

Port 1720 (opened and tested - all ok)

I have set my Max half open connections to 40, it was 80. I have used the windows XP patch to do the same on my XP.

Also My router keeps dropping connection every so oftern when I am using torrents. Changing the port temperary fixes this problem. Any long term solution? My ISP is BT (British Telecom) I also have a 2wire 1800HG router

Also, when I am using torrents it is basicaly imposible to browse the web at the same time as it is very slow and keeps giving me errors.

I have a 8mb connection. I know it isn't that fast but surly I should be getting faster speeds that 110kB/s on two torrents?

The two torrents I am downloading, One is 1(310) seeds and 8(2583) peers and has a 10kB/s download. While the other one is 3(76) seeds and 17(1363) peers andhas a download speed of 100kB/s.

I always remember my torrents connectiong to more seeds / peers than that.

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I hope you took the net.max_halfopen note into account. IIRC, 2wire devices don't support UPnP, so it's safe to disable it (I presume you forwarded your ports manually, right?). As for DHT, you don't really need it unless you are not getting any peers from the tracker, or the torrent is nearly dead. 2wires can't handle all that many "connections" simultaneously, so DHT would probably kill the router anyway.

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net.max_halfopen - Yeah I put that down to 40 in utorrent and my XP is patched to take 80

I have now disabled DHT and yes, i have forwarded my port manualy.

I will see if this makes any difference. Anything else at all I can do to make me connect to more seeds / peers?

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I am still having problems connecting to peers / seeds

I have followed what you have said here and nothing seems to work.

My router is also dropping out alot. It will keep losing the connection for about 5 secs then will connect again which is anoying.

Any other sugestions?

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