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utorrent drops internetconnection after start


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if I start my utorrent it begins do- and uploading, but after 1 minute the download goes slowly down to 0 kB/s and I'm not able to see any website...

2 days ago everythings works fine and I didn't change settings or installed a new program.

Anybody knows what to do?

Excuse my english... I'm from germany... :)

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Excuse my obstinately...

But 2 days ago everything works fine.

I am really in a snit...

Do you already heard about such a failure?

Checking my system with different tools showing, that's everything fine... :(


I've checked my firewall (but the second computer, which is using the same router stopps the internet connection too after starting utorrent on my computer)

I've blocked the following programs/services:

NT-Kernel und -System (I don't know what it is in english)

LSA Shell (Export Version)

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services

Application Layer Gateway Service

NDIS User mode I/O Driver

Should I allow them connection to the internet?

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