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HTA, HTML Application for WebUI [IE7] (WebUI in it's own window)


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Hello everybody,

I've written a small HTA code for displaying µTorrent's WebUI in it's own windows (and memory space). You must be using IE7 as that what µTorrent's WebUI requires, the HTA code itself can run since IE5.

It's very simple, and probably can be improved with some scripting, but anyway... just take the above code and save it to a new notepad; fill the µTorrent's WebUI's address and user:password; them save it (anywhere, maybe in your desktop) as µTorrentWebUI.hta (make sure to save as All Files (*.*) instead of Text Documents (*.txt) ... and them... double click it.

And that's it.

scrollFlat="no" />

<title>µTorrent#180s WebUI</title>
<body leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" topmargin="0" bottommargin="1" marginleft="0" marginright="0" margintop="0" marginbottom="1">
<IFRAME SRC="http://LOGIN:PASSWORD@ADDRESS:PORTNUMBER/gui/" APPLICATION="yes" width="100%" height="100%">


If you're using it in your own computer, the "ADDRESS" can be changed to or localhost . Everything else just fill like your µTorrent > Options > Preferences > Advanced > Web UI. Check the Web UI topic for WebUI's help.

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The point behind this HTA is so that you *don't* need to access it from a browser (not directly anyway -- it's still using IE as its backend). If you want to embed it in a webpage, you can already do so using frames or iframes. And HTA isn't a standard anyhow, so it wouldn't work cross-browser anyhow.

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Nope, not working due to some bug in the way MooTools interacts with HTA. Looks like MooTools devs aren't interested in fixing it, so users of this HTA may well be SOL. I tried debugging it myself for about an hour, but couldn't reach any obvious conclusion as to why it was failing.

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