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Settings in Utorrent


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I have always used P2P file sharing sites like limewire,until I found out that torrents are far more superior in diversity and quality.I use power link at Adelphia.net,which was taken over by Time Warner.My connection speeds are up to 4mb down/384kps up. I used the speed test at dsl reports,and configured my settings accordingly.

I do have some questions.My download speed varies on dsl reports which is normal(3.5mb to 4mb).

My upload speed is always been below average(186kps is the average )

(ie) I normally download 2 torrents at a time,and set The upload limit on each torrent at 20kps.I have had great download speeds(depending on seeds from 50kps up to 400 kps) the average is between 50kps to 80kps.

How can I increase my download speed on average?I have 40kps of upload bandwith.20kps a piece, for each torrent,downloading at any given time.

I also use cFosSpeed.It seems to help.

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