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Hi everyone.When i,m downloading torrent and look under tracker it says dht status: not allowed.It is set to work.Odd.

In the advanced setting there is a setting for ipfilter.enable by default it was set to true I changed it to false is this ok,because since the change I got an extra 45 nodes and its still going up.

I,m also confused about net.max_halfopen I have mine set to 80 but if my connection works through this setting why can,t i set it to 100

Thank You.

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If the tracker disallows DHT, you won't be able to force µTorrent into using it.

ipfilter allows you to block hosts, usually the nice RIAA people. If you don't use it or have an ipfilter.dat, leaving it off is just fine.

net.max_halfopen is a cap on the number of connection attempts processing at one time. Windows limits it to 10 by default. The rest are queued to be dealt with later. To raise it, get the TCPIP.SYS patch. You can set net.max_halfopen to whatever you like, but µTorrent shouldn't use more than the system limit.

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