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How to use WebUI in Windows Active Desktop


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Win XP


Right click on desktop

Click properties

Click Desktop tab

at bottom click Customize Desktop

click Web tab

Click NEW

Put in any web page / site you want such as http://address:port/gui/guest.html or http://address:port/gui/index.html

Click OK

"add item to active desktop?" Click OK or click customize to enter in a username and pass. (guest account doesn't work because password is required)

Once entered it will try to sync the page first ... this will fail if you did not use a username and password. That is OK.

Click OK

Click ok

etc ...

Blank Page will appear on screen and then a prompt for username and password.

Once user info is entered it will work normally.

To resize just grab a corner and drag to perfered size.

To refresh your stats ... right click on anything ... a pop up list will appear ... click refresh.

I sort my torrents by clicking the DONE collum. It may seem that it doesn't work .. but in a few seconds the colum will be sorted .. I like the 0% at the top and the 100% at the bottom but you set it how you like :-)



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PS -

Another page I like to have in my active desktop is


Use the right click refresh to change pics

Use right click open in a new window to see pic in full.

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