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when to remove downloaded file from list at utorrent


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I believe that after downloading I have to leave the file in the list of downloaded files in utorrent. I want to know when I can remove the file. Is there any message that will notify that seeding has finished and I can remove the file> What is the meaning of queued seed?. Does this mean that a person is waiting or queuing to download my file? Please advise.

Another question. Sometimes the filenames are not so descriptive. Is it okay to change the filename or will this cause problems with uploads..that is will the person uploading have difficulty finding the file as it has been changed in name?


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Let's see.

When the torrent is finished, the message in the status column will change from "Downloading" to "Seeding". You can remove the file then but it is recommended that you keep seeding a file until you have at least a 1.0 ratio on it, the bigger the better.

Queued seed is the status a torrent is given when uTorrent is seeding the maximum number of torrents already assigned in options. When you stop a torrent that is currently seeding, a torrent that was previously queued will start

Changing the file name is fine inside utorrent. If you mean changing the filename of a file you've downloaded through utorrent, then that is not fine and you will mess things up.

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