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It worked yesterday...help please!! Ports not forwarding


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Hi, I was using utorrent yesterday, I forwarded the port manually and it worked perfect was getting 190+ download speed. But I have come back onto it today and I am getting the red in the bit at the bottom. I have forwarded the port again today but it is still red, and I am only getting about 15 download speed. I have got a wireless lan connection to my modem and I also have a wired lan connection to it, to see if it would go faster and it did until now, my modem is a D-Link DSL G604T.

Thanks in advance.

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This problem is the same with me. As soon as I updated to 1.6 today, it totally fcked up and it's capped at 10kbs. I did the speed guide, and everything is still messed. Upload speeds are crippled too. Perhaps the Windows Update did this but if someone would please link me to a 1.5 I would appreciate it.

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Just installed Utorrent 1.6 today and noticed the same problems as earlier described in this thread in combination with some strange behaviour from my modem.

I created NAPT entries in my speedtouch 510 modem forwarding both a tcp and an udp port, result Utorrent is working great no problems.

only a few hours later Utorrent reports problems with the forwarding of the tcp port, then I checked modem settings and the NAPT entry for the tcp port had dissapeared.

Since then I've tested the modem's capability for storing it's settings, which works fine for any port I tried. Problems only start when used with Utorrent, that causes the NAPT entry for used port to dissapear.

EDIT this a piece of log from my modem:

01 day 03:43:43 UPnP action 'DeletePortMapping' from ip= (Success)

So Utorrent seems to use UPnP to delete port mappings, why????

I really hope someone can help.

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