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Force re-check doesn't skip non-existant files


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I noticed that, with pre-allocation off, force re-check will still take a long time to scan files that have not only not been downloaded, but are not physically in the file system. Even if it checks the part files it should only have to check the pieces in the part file (but why would it do that?), not check every single piece.

This may not be a bug (strictly), but it seems to be bug-worthy. uTorrent aims to reduce load and this seems exessive (if not annoying).

Also, when dropping in a file from another torrenting app, which was only allocated up to the last downloaded piece, and force re-checking uTorrent doesn't detect it at all. I had to forcfully preallocate the full file before dropping it in.

Again probably not strictly a bug, but an annoying quirk/compatability issue.

Meanwhile, uTorrent is great!

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